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Pearl, vs. a Can of Soda — a Steven Universe Fan Animation

It’s ready:

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animation progress update


Yep, i’m working hard on Pearl, vs. A Can. if you notice the production schedule, i’ve been mostly keeping on top of it, excepting when i needed to prioritize other pieces to make a miniature portfolio for last week. I’m up to date now, though i needed to edit the schedule, because we actually have one less week than the academic calendar would have suggested.

Still, the last bits of work shouldn’t be too demanding for this timeframe. I’m very glad that January Patrick chose this project for its shorter length, compared to the decisions made by September Patrick for the Fall semester.

I’m getting to be pretty proud of this piece as it comes together, too. Whereas the average scene of the Eleventh Angel Project didn’t have much ” ” ” animation ” ” ” (so to speak, there were a lot of shots of static imagery given motion tweens), Pearl, vs. A Can has frame-by-frame animation in every shot. Also it has much hands!!

In my last post, I said i would add previews of the animation ‘tomorrow.’ So just imagine my calendar goes April 19th -> April 20th -> May 2nd. Like there’s one really long 264-hour day in place of April 21st-May 2nd, one day with eleven sunrises and sundowns.



i love videos like this. first the audio is taken from a source, and then the animator has free reign to visually depict the descriptions given, which leads to fun little gags, like in this one, Billy’s ‘horn,’ the quick Wheel of Fortune cutaway, the shirt saying “IT WAS BILLY,” or when the narrator snickers and the sound resembles ripping paper, so the animator shows him ripping a mask of his own face.

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