References & Inspiration: Ava’s Demon

The other webcomic I actively follow. Really strong designs and a very pleasant style that can convey melancholy, fantasy worlds, dream states, gritty futurescapes, and fiery demonic possessions. Also quite easy to sit down, start reading, and then forget you were doing something else, thanks to some slick website design.

Start here:


References & Inspiration: Flight


This is the cover art for Volume 3 of Flight, a series of comic anthologies, compilations featuring comics from various young artists. This book had been in a bookcase in the next room for years and I used to love flipping through it. Great variety of styles, super imaginative illustrations. Recommended to check this series out.

As of this post the site is under construction, but here’s where you would look:


References & Inspiration: Saga


I received the first two volumes of this great comic series, which i cracked open again the other day. I’m a big fan of the character designs and illustration style. This image in particular: somehow working both hard-edge black outlines and loose brush strokes together, looking effortless.

Available for purchase here: