production journal

Thought it might be interesting to upload the journal I kept while animating this semester. I started it on March 27th to keep track of the versions of my files and hold myself accountable, in a way.

Production Journal: Spring 2017
Project: Pearl, VS. A Can

Created production schedule
Created production journal
Shot F: Added keys: Pearl reacting to explosion
Shot B: Added keys: hand grabbing can

Re-created production schedule
Shot A: Fixed keys (v03-04)
Shot E: Inked major keys (v00-03)
Shot G: Inked major keys, added fills (v01-04)

Shot H: Inked major keys, added fill (v00-04)
Shot A: Fixed can graphic
Finalized motion tweens

Finalized motion tweens, again
Shot H: Added inbetweens: Pearl collapsing (v04-09)

Shot H: Refined inbetweens: Pearl collapsing (v09-12)
Shot B: Motion animated: hand grasps can, pulls up (v02-07)

Shot H: Finalized inbetweens: Pearl collapsing (v12-18)
Shot H: Animated motion: Pearl collapsing (v18-20)

Shot H: Re-drew keyframes: Pearl collapsing (v20-25)

Shot C: Refined motion: hand rotates can
Shot C: Added some fills
Shot A: Added in-betweens: Pearl reaching for can

Shot H: Re-animated and finalized motion: Pearl collapsing (v25-29)
Shot D: Added fills (v00-02)

Shot E: Finalized inbetweens (v03-04)
Shot A: Reworked motion: Pearl reaching for can (v04-07)
Shot A: Animated motion: Pearl’s eyes blinking, opening wider (v07-09)

Shot A: Animated motion: Pearl’s facial expression (v09-13)
Shot A: Finalized keyframes: Pearl reaching for can (v13-16)
Shot E: Edited keyframes: Can opening (v04-06)
Shot E: Added effect: Soda bursting out (v06-10)
Shot F: Started effect: Soda geyser (v03-04)

Shot A: Animated motion: Pearl reaching for can (v16-18)
Shot F: Continued animating effect: Soda geyser (v04-06)
Shot F: Began animating motion: Pearl reacting (v06-12)

Shot F: Animated effect: Soda geyser (v12-14)
Shot D: Animated motion: Pearl’s facial expression (v02-04)
Shot E: Animated motion: Pearl opens the can (v10-15)

Shot A: Added background, foreground (v18-20)
Shot B: Added background (v07-10)
Shot C: Added background (v02-03)
Shot D: Added background (v04-05)
Shot E: Added background (v15-17)
Shot G: Added background (v04-06)
Shot G: Reworked tweens, edited keyframes (v06-11)
Shot G: Added effect: bubble (v11-15)

Shot A: Finalized
Shot B: Finalized
Shot C: Finalized
Shot D: Finalized
Shot E: Finalized
Shot F: Added background (v14-16)
Shot F: Animated motion: Pearl’s reaction (v16-23)
Shot F: Finalized
Shot G: Animated effect: bubble filling with soda (v15-18)
Shot G: Finalized
Shot H: Animated effect: bubble filling with soda (v31-33)
Shot H: Finalized