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footwoman 07

I like parts of it, like where the collar ruffles the fur at the neck, and the white at the nose and eyes. But some of it feels eh to me. I’m going to try some alternative paint brushes and see what comes of that.


References & Inspiration: Flight


This is the cover art for Volume 3 of Flight, a series of comic anthologies, compilations featuring comics from various young artists. This book had been in a bookcase in the next room for years and I used to love flipping through it. Great variety of styles, super imaginative illustrations. Recommended to check this series out.

As of this post the site is under construction, but here’s where you would look:


References & Inspiration: Saga


I received the first two volumes of this great comic series, which i cracked open again the other day. I’m a big fan of the character designs and illustration style. This image in particular: somehow working both hard-edge black outlines and loose brush strokes together, looking effortless.

Available for purchase here:


References & Inspiration: Annue’s Car Boys Animated

If you haven’t seen any of the Polygon writers Nick and Griffin’s YouTube series, Car Boys, you’re not gonna get this very much.
(The two jointly play a soft-body virtual vehicle simulator called Beam.NG Drive, and invariably break it with their testing. Certain models included in the simulation, a test-crash dummy and a model of the Stig, are frequently the subjects of their game-breaking exploits.)

This video is just well-put together, but it helps to have seen the series. Just search for Car Boys and you will find it.


References & Inspiration: ahoy

ahoy is a user on YouTube, actual name Stuart Brown, who makes videos documenting the depiction of various kinds of weaponry in video games.

What I like about these videos is the sense of design in the presentation. Simple stark contrast, with white text on black or single-color backgrounds, and wipe-transitions that invert the colors momentarily as they pass. It’s probably vector work, as that would be the most sensible format for the style. Might be Flash, or entirely After Effects, or a similar program. Either way, it’s neat, clean, stylish, and easy to process.


References & Inspiration: Night In The Woods

I haven’t played this game. I don’t know if I would want to, I’ve just been looking at the animation!

No outlines, often solid-color vector bodies with simple shapes that move like bending noodles. Contrasted with more paint-like, gradient- and pattern-heavy backgrounds. Vibrant special effects with lots of glows and bloom. All very cohesive, able to build a variety of atmospheres depending on the mood. Very neat.


References & Inspiration: kekeflipnote


So fluid! This is a great exercise, I really gotta try it. You may have seen Kekeflipnote’s work before, it’s a particular style that often gets passed around various social media sites for being cute and extremely pleasant to look at. Often does animations of birds–a lot of birds, bouncing around. And animates using the Flipnote software on the Nintendo DS, one of the things which makes their work stand out from others.

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References & Inspiration: alpha00zero


Meant to put this up some weeks back:

An artist I’ve had some chats with, who is similarly engrossed with Zelda. I had a brief back-and-forth with him where he told me how his process for pieces like these is often entirely digital! I came across his works while he was doing re-draws of classic TLOZ art. I chose to put up this picture because I like the shadows, the pure black #000000. Shadows are something I ought to be more comfortable with, I think (really, not being afraid to have a wide range of values in one piece).

Check out alpha00zero’s works here: