final (di 3)

Here’s what i’ve ended up with for the portrait project.

I’m honestly not so happy with it, it feels like a bit of a mess. At the same time, it is the first time i’ve ever tried digitally painting something. The idea is neat, I like the idea, but execution needs work, and i think i need to do a lot of practice before i can successfully pull off the style i’m going for. Or, i need to do a lot of practice before i know what that style really is!

Difficulties: flopping between hard-line cartoon style and paintbrush-centered style. Making the model actually appear three-dimensional and not flat. Conceptualizing the light. The fur of the doe’s ears.

Things i’m happy with: Parts of the brushwork for the fur. The background of the first iteration. The concept. The doe’s semi-smile, brows, and eyelashes.