final (di 1)

Final products for the first project: Type & Image.

Not entirely happy with the lighting effects on Eva-02. It’s a little bit too cartoonish. I am quite happy with the colors, though.

I first thought a black background was the way to go, and I would put a thin white border around the edge. This would have been more inspired by the original series’s graphic design, which I was already taking after by featuring ~80% height Times New Roman Condensed Bold in stark white. But Eva-02 is specially transported by air, debuts in the lower atmosphere, and is, uniquely, the only unit to be given S-Type Aerial Recon equipment: it is strongly connected to the blue skies of Tokyo-3. The imagery is already established in the intro to the original series, as well.

The mood is more optimistic, more fitting to Asuka’s expression and the hope she represents when she arrives.

Also? It fits the shading better. Though the shadows could have been even darker.