concepts (di 1)

Concepts 1 & 2


The first one is my favorite. On advice from the professor, I’ll have the two faces overlapping. it’s a stronger and more immediate way to establish the meaning. The meaning is simple. The pilot and robot connect, they are alike, one empowers the other. that’s it, meeting adjourned. If you want more meaning, you can watch the series and learn more about the characters. I’m not going to stuff in 18 episodes worth of exposition.

Concepts 3, 4, & 5:

[I’m not gonna lie, since this subject (Eva Unit-02) is something I know really well after spending a semester animating it, it’s likely I’ll use it for at least one subject]

These also rely on only up to 5 colors max, which is useful. Next would be the type. I’m thinking it would be simple: the words would be the name of the Unit, and/or the pilot, etc. Geometric lettering or very ‘digital’ computer fonts.