concepts (di 3)


Three concepts born from sketches: 1910s Whitetail Footman, Palace Guard New Recruit, Celtic Bat Kid.

Most grounded-in-reality to least, from left to right. The footman’s tuxedo is literally one of William’s, from Downton Abbey. The rhinoceros recruit has a quilted gambeson under a steel 16th century English breastplate with his lord’s coat-of-arms. And Bat Kid, the most cartoonish, would have had a traditional Irish knit wool sweater, but I couldn’t find a way to add in the detail of the knots without creating too much noise. He was also going to have huge feet, as it seemed to balance the silhouette of the figure better, but then I realized bat feet are long, skinny, and bony, with big ‘ol talons, and very much not like huge rabbit thumpers.

I prefer the leftmost two, though they’ll be harder to render, but they already fill out a decent composition, which mimic the compositions of oil canvas portraits, whereas I’d need to invent a space and setting for the bat kid.