production schedule

For Pearl, VS. A Can, I’ve drafted a production schedule.

Date Production Status
March 28th ☑ Production schedule created
☑ Production journal started
☑ Shots split into separate .FLAs
April 4th ☑ Shots G-H: Keyframes inked
☑ Motion tweens finalized
☑ Shot A: Inbetweens added: Pearl reaches for can
April 11th ☑ Shot B: Motion animated: hand grasps can, pulls up
☑ Shot E: Inbetweens added: hand entering shot, grabbing opener, opening can
☑ Shot H: Inbetweens added: Pearl collapsing
April 18th ☑ Shot A: Motion animated: Pearl reaches for can
☑ Shot C: Motion refined: hand rotates can
April 25th ☑ Shot H: Motion animated: Pearl collapsing
☑ Shot E: Effect animated: soda explosion
☑ Shot F: Effect animated: soda spraying
May 2nd ☑ Shot D: Motion animated: Pearl facial expression
☑ Shot E: Motion animated: hand opening can
May 8th ☑ Shot F: Motion animated: Pearl reaction
☑ Shot G: Effect animated: bubble surrounding can
☑ Shot G: Effect animated: soda filling bubble
☑ Backgrounds finalized
☑ Timing finalized
May 9th ☑ Shots compiled in After Effects
☑ Video rendered into .MP4
☑ Video uploaded to YouTube, posted to blog
☑ Presentation