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Head Study: Unit-02

the character i’ll be animating is Evangelion Unit-02, aka best unit (more info at the bottom of this post). the original design is extremely complicated, and i know it would be foolish to try to 1:1 the artwork of a prolific Japanese studio for what will be basically a student’s fan animation, so i’ll be simplifying as needed for the final product. much of the detail won’t be rendered anyway as the animatic will be a series of storyboards.


Below is the first and probably overambitious revision of the animatic’s sequence of events.

Helpful background info:
-Evangelion ‘Units,’ as in Unit-02, are 80 meter tall semi-organic mecha–or giant robots–built to kill ‘Angels,’ similarly-sized massive invading alien life forms.
-An Angel’s weak point is its red ‘core.’
-Units kill Angels with special giant-sized weapons that have weird names, like ‘pallette rifles,’ ‘progressive knives,’ and ‘sonic glaives.’
-Angels use special force fields, called ‘AT Fields,’ to defend themselves, and sometimes to attack their enemies. Angels often violently explode when they’re killed.

This plot follows Unit-02 in pursuit of an angel that has fled to an empty and ruined city center.

-Establishing shot: long shot centered on a ruined car far from the camera. The car sits in front of the building across the street, which is partially destroyed and leaning dangerously.

-Unit 02’s right foot enters the frame from behind the corner building, its toe obscuring half of the car. It’s a controlled footfall, not a stomp. Nevertheless, the ground shakes and the force moves the car a few yards. The last pieces of plate glass in the broken windows of the building fall to the ground.
-Tilt up, with a swipe/action cut, up to above the rooftop of the camera’s building. We see Unit 02’s head and shoulders above the street as it steps forward. Its head turns, searching.
-Extreme long shot, high above the destroyed city, angled to show Unit 02 as it steps through the canyon of ruined buildings, pallette rifle in hand.

-POV shot from Unit 02’s eyes. Digital HUD overlay. The view sweeps across, then the targeting HUD highlights a huge splotch of liquid across the side of a building. Blood.

-Medium/closeup shot of Unit 02 from the front. It brings its rifle closer to its chest and steps forward.
-Long shot at ground level, looking down a street. There is a bus, halfway crushed in the middle, lying on its side. Blood has been spilled across it and the street. Tilt up as Unit 02 clambers toward us over the rubble of a fallen building and readies its rifle in firing position. Our first good look at its full body.
-High long shot, at shoulder level of Unit 02 as it approaches a corner. Around the corner on the ground, in a pile of crushed cars, lies an alien growth, blood surrounding it and pooling on the ground.
-Close up on the growth, looking down and away from Unit 02. The rifle comes into frame from behind us, going for a point blank shot.

[In this position, Unit 02’s back is to the corner of fallen buildings. The street to its left that it just came from and the avenue ahead are the only two exits.]

-Zoom in on the avenue ahead. Some things whip around a corner a couple blocks away: three squid-like tentacles barreling through the air towards us and Unit 02.
-Long shot, reversed of the previous, now looking down the avenue from the perspective of the tentacles. Unit 02, starting in a kneeled pose and taking aim at the growth on the ground, picks its head up. Tiny pause, then Unit 02 digs in and dodge-rolls back toward the street it came from. The first projectile slams into the building behind the spot Unit 02 was just in.
-Long shot from the street Unit 02 is now retreating through. The debris and dust cloud from the impact of the first tentacle spread out from the wall of the corner. Unit 02 completes its roll and continues past us. The second tentacle turns, impacting the wall but at a shallow angle, bounces off and follows. The third turns the corner easily and follows.

-High long shot as Unit 02 runs past us toward the exit at the end of the canyon of buildings. As it approaches the exit, the angel’s main body materializes from a cloaking shield, with a raised appendage.

-Profile shot: angel on the left, Unit 02 approaching from the right. The angel smacks down at Unit 02, who tries to duck. The attack shears off Unit 02’s left shoulder pylon.
-Closeup of the angel’s main body as the tentacles fly into it and are reabsorbed.

-Return to the profile shot. Unit 02 kneels toward the ground, accepting the force of the blow, then [Zoom in] rebounds with a heavy strike from the butt of its rifle, into the mass of the angel.
-Closeup of the angel’s body. The rifle actually breaks, metal bending, as the angel is shown to have heavier physical shielding than anticipated. The angel’s AT field expands, pushing away the foreign object.

-Shot from the angel’s perspective as Unit 02 recedes, then hits a button and the rifle’s bayonet deploys. It charges toward us and the angel.
-Shot from above and to the left of the pair. Unit 02 shoves the bayonet and rifle wholesale into the angel, piercing the AT field and hide, and pushing it backwards.

-Low angle shot from behind the angel. It recoils over and past us with a yell.

-Medium shot of Unit 02’s face. Pan to the right, as a street block away from Unit 02, a weapons pod slams into the ground.

-Close up low angle from the ground, with the weapons pod on the right side of the frame. In the distance, Unit 02 sprints towards us and the pod. The pod bursts open with smoke and a hiss, the cover flies off and exits to the left.

-Full frontal shot of the angel. It attempts to pull the rifle out of its body as it sends its three tentacles out. They cloak, then start flying after Unit 02, exiting right.

-Full shot of the weapons pod in center frame. The sonic glaive inside is visible.
-Zoom out as Unit 02 enters from the left, slides just past the pod, then stops and reaches for the weapon. Before it can grab the spear, a speeding invisible tentacle appears from the left, uncloaking in order to project a pointed, weaponized AT field (slow motion?)
-Close up of Unit 02’s head as the tentacle impacts the now exposed left side of Unit 02’s faceplate, shattering some armor.
-Close up of Unit 02’s torso as the next two impact its torso on the left.

-Medium shot as Unit 02 receives the force but keeps on its feet, sliding away from us and the weapon pod. It grabs two of the tentacles, one in each hand, throws them to the ground, and [Zoom in] stomps them with one foot. They flatten, intact but disabled.
-Close up of Unit 02’s torso. The last tentacle attempts to cloak and escape, but Unit 02 grabs the tentacle in its left hand, pulling it back from flying away.
-Full shot, waist-up of Unit 02. The squirming tentacle is held in the foreground. Unit 02 ejects a progressive knife from its right shoulder, grabs that with its right hand, and slices the thing in half.
-Long shot of Unit 02 from the same perspective. The tentacle explodes, disabling some of Unit 02’s left arm.

-Full shot looking down at Unit 02 as the smoke clears. Unit 02 is now one on knee with an injured left arm. It drops its progessive knife and gets up, running toward the weapon pod.

-Full shot a few blocks away as the angel uncloaks, charging toward us and Unit 02.

-Medium shot with the weapon pod center frame. Pan left to follow Unit 02 as it quickly grabs the spear with its right arm and falls to one knee with the spear as a temporary support. Its left arm dangles, broken and useless.
-Close up of the ground where Unit 02’s knee makes contact. The knee spike falls forward, jamming itself into the pavement, to stabilize the unit.

-Full shot of the angel as it materializes its AT field, pointed like a lance, and screeches.

-Full shot, waist-up as Unit 02 hoists the spear over its shoulder, adjusts ever so slightly, then throws the spear like a javelin.
-Over the shoulder shot from the angel’s perspective. The spear enters, growing larger from the center of the frame.
-Close up, profile, as the spear, coming from the right, impacts. Its electrified tip lands right on the tip of the angel’s pointed AT field, on the left. Momentary pause as the forces struggle against one another, then the AT field peels apart like a burst balloon.
-Again, the same full shot of the angel as the javelin pierces through to the angel’s eye, which is its core. The angel curls in on itself, howling, but it keeps its momentum.

-Long shot in profile as, coming from the right, the angel hurtles into Unit 02 as it explodes, carrying both away to the right.
-Cut to white.

-Fade in from white.
-Angled aerial shot: In the middle of a smoking crater lies Unit 02. It has been a pyrrhic victory, as the unit is heavily damaged.
-Close up, tilting up the length of Unit 02’s body. Its left arm, with which it shielded itself, is completely gone. Much of the torso armor is burned and melted away. The left side of its face is smeared with blood and melted and shattered armor.

-High angle shot, looking down and toward Unit 02 on the ground, from approaching NERV aircraft: Unit 02 attempts to stand, slumping down in a half kneel, supporting itself with its good right arm.
-Low angle ground shot, angled up at the sky. The aircraft enter the frame from the top left. Cables with attach points descend from the aircraft towards us. Tilt down to show Unit 02 for a close up of its face, where the eyes slowly fade from bright cerulean to an unlit green.
-Fade to black.

HUD text over the black background is unmasked in. Lowercase text is also capitalized, it’s just in a much smaller font:
STATUS REPORT: DAMAGE SUSTAINED – HEAVY. >>view full diagnostics report<<
REPAIR STATUS – PRIORITY. >>nerv repair crews are cleared to approach<<
OPERATIONAL OUTLOOK – FAVORABLE. >>magi confidence rating: 87%<<