characters (da)

The Unidentified Angel:

Obviously, the script called for an angel to be hunted by Unit-02, so i needed to design an unseen Angel who would fit the abilities and properties alluded to in the treatment.

The initial idea was “squid what floats’n’stuff.” There are plenty of squid monsters out there, i.e. Shamshel from the TV series, which was kind of an arthropod/squid/lobster/phallus kind of deal, but also in general, and i wasn’t hoping to stand out terribly. I just needed to score somewhere close to the aesthetic of most of the Angels in order to make it seem not out of place.

This is the Angel that i have not yet named. Here is some basic and important info:

  • This Angel’s height reaches 10-20 meters shorter than an Evangelion Unit when floating, such that it is about 60-70 meters tall from bottom to top. It can fit in the wide avenues of the destroyed city it lures Unit-02 into, though not through the narrow streets.
  • The Angel’s primary mode of operations is to hunt. It manipulates its AT field into a cloaking system and traps its prey with the bone-like stalks of its wings and its mobile ‘chasers.’ Since the AT field has to be repurposed in order to cloak, the Angel must drop its invisibility in order to protect itself from extreme threats.
  • The ‘chasers’ are four small growths hidden under the Angel’s frontal cap that can detach and seek targets, provide distractions, or burrow themselves into the bodies of prey to wound them and impede their escape.
  • Its core lies in its center of mass, like many Angels, and is usually covered by the folding of the cavity in which it recedes. The Angel’s frontal cap shows a mask-like surface that features the common motif of the ‘eye’ seen on several Angels in the series. This mask presents a decoy core target, much like the Angel in the beginning of Rebuild 2.0 (playfully referred to by fans as ‘Clockiel’).
  • In dire situations, the Angel uncloaks and demonstrates further control over its AT field. First, the lowermost organ’s slits expand as AT field forces are directed outward for thrust. The Angel aims the sharp end of its body toward the target, folds its wings in, and projects its AT field into an incredibly small point. It then launches at great speed, spiraling, and pierces the target with its weaponized AT field.

Design revision 2:


Unit-02 will have a lot on its hands, obviously. In the treatment you can read that my hope was to have Unit-02 get pretty seriously damaged, since what’s a good fight without high stakes? Flashy, maybe, but when the opponents trade heavy blows, it’s much more engaging. That’s one thing i really like about the fight sequences in Evangelion: the humans barely scrape by. In the anime, the first time we see Asuka fight, the U.N. has to scuttle and sacrifice three battleships in order to kill Gaghiel, and that was probably the best outcome they’d ever had. Then on the other extreme, in the anime and in Rebuild 2.0, the engagement with Zeruel is one of the most destructive and costly battles ever fought.

This Angel i’m writing to be about as dangerous as Sachiel (the first Angel Shinji battles) and Ramiel (the blue diamond). Sachiel injures Unit-01 pretty severely, but Unit-01 recovers quickly because of willpower, and so we can move on to the next fight. Later, Ramiel nearly kills Rei by focusing a gorillion joules of directed energy beam on Unit-00.

Therefore, Unit-02 will be brutally attacked in this sequence. It will lose its right arm, sustain critical torso and facial injuries, and endure a point-blank Angel self-detonation. Yikes.

Evangelion Unit-02:


About this design: With the enthusiastic encouragement of the professor, i rotoscoped it from physical reference (model kit), then edited a bunch of parts in order to accommodate for functional differences in the real-world kit.

Furthermore, the design is trimmed down a lot in order to ease the animation process for a novice like myself. the head is basically identical, but the torso plates have much simpler shapes, as do the shoulder pylons, neck/shoulder areas, & knee guards, there are fewer lines & less detail in places like the ankle guards, the rifle, the forearms, & the arm fins, and there are no shoulder insignias (still debating that though. they’re literally iconic).

For non-nerds who don’t know anime, the character, Mother of the Year 2016, 2nd Place Evangelion Unit-02 is a giant (80 meter tall) mecha originally from a popular 1997 anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. it’s a show about how brutal combat against invading alien life forms causes psychological trauma that affects the relationships of a bunch of children and adults struggling to keep the world from not being blown up, using gigantic monstrous war machines.

The design of the mecha known as Unit-02 that i love the best, from the Rebuild movies that followed the original series, is credited to designers Ikuto Yamashita and Takeshi Honda, and series director and executive producer Hideaki Anno. It’s one of my favorite designs of any robot, mech, mecha, or giant bio-mechanical life form i’ve ever laid eyes on—though the Metroid series has some designs that come pretty close.