References & Inspiration: Breath of the Wild

Among people I’m close to, it’s no secret I’ve been playing a lot of this since release, and it’s, honestly, my favorite Zelda game so far. Yet even saying that gives me some dissonance, because it’s so different from previous games that I feel weird trying to compare them. Anywho:

Primarily this game inspires me by way of its total visual experience–that being how I perceive everything at once while playing. Then I notice little details in design. Finally, I take a look at particular elements, like special effects animation, animated textures, and interface animation. That’s where the majority of 2D animation is concentrated in this and a lot of other 3D games: the user interface. The UI is pretty solid, though I have complaints with some controls (no quick way to switch tabs in the inventory, among others). This video, a playthrough with no commentary (a kind of video that’s getting increasingly rare over time), shows some of what I’m talking about. You can notice in particular the animation of the game title in the opening prologue.

But geez I love this game. I’m definitely going to do a separate post about the artwork produced for this game, too.


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