Yes, i am still working on the final project

and more and more. Which is probably why i’m showing less and less of my own work as the deadline comes closer. To post on here examples of other stuff that i like and take inspiration from is like taking a break from the work while still keeping within an animator’s mindset. and since there’s a case study component, i will have to be documenting much of the work anyhow.

my projection at the moment is that the backgrounds won’t be something i can have done by the deadline (which is Thursday, by the way). most of my time is being spent coloring and inking. Technically, the core component of the rubric, the fully animated scene, is comeplete. Then i need to finish inking and coloring every storyboard shot, which i have mostly done. Then it’s sounds, which are also mostly done.

it’s crunch time, but that’s nothing new.


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