An action figure gave me an idea today

There’s something i’ve been trying to reconcile in my head for a little while now: if this fictional sequence of events happens between Rebuild 2.0 and Rebuild 3.0, how should i depict Eva Unit-02?

In the ending of 2.0, Mari, piloting Unit-02, engages a special berserk form (“Za Beasto”) to attack the 10th angel. It’s not enough though, so the unit loses its left arm and gets half of its face impaled. These wounds seem to match up with the cyborg-life modifications the unit has been given for the beginning of 3.0. The implication is that Nerv wasn’t able to regrow those parts of the Eva (probably because HQ got wrecked) and had to settle for mechanical prosthetics.

I decided i can’t really ignore that continuity. if my Unit-02 looked exactly the same, it would disrupt that cause-and-effect:

So, enter this ill-received action figure from Kaiyodo, #124 in its ‘Revoltech’ line (which i actually don’t care for much at all). Based on a short preview for 3.0 aired on Japanese TV, a lot of people bought it for collection’s sake. But by the release of 3.0, the design was no longer accurate, leading to a lot of people feeling retroactively frustrated.


But you know what? It’s pretty much perfect for my needs (the design, not the figure). If i color the left arm grey, it splits the difference between the two film’s designs. And if i then add part of its mechanical head plating, i suspect it’ll work out pretty well.



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