my work

some heads

rendering keyframes in one particular sequence. Props if you could figure out which storyboards they are meant for.

when i last altered the design of Unit-02’s head, i reconciled a lot. i took closer looks at the official artworks and stills from Rebuild 2.0 and brought what i already had much closer to the official renders. Doing this has saved me a lot of stress. now i can get comfortable drawing just one thing, instead of having to choose how much of the detail from the original design i want to include, which would be changing the shape of the design i had drawn.

So, for my boards and initial designs, there were lines, shapes, and details that were left out, and some which i ignored for simplicity’s sake. these have been accounted for. Some examples: the shape of the ‘noseplate,’ the depth on the white frame, that one line cutting through the white frame, the splits behind the jaw, the ‘intake’ behind the horns, the roundness of the eyes, the shape and segmentation of the eye casings, and the way the back end flares out just a little.



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