i’m working on backgrounds

and a run cycle, as an assignment.

Apparently, the cities in Eva, at night, use streetlamps combined with unknown light sources that give the effect of one large light source pointed upwards at the faces of the buildings, with the light fading as they grow taller. The result is an easy to draw gradient of light blue fading to black, moving toward the sky. It’s striking.

you can see in the second and third images, the street lights aren’t actually on, yet there’s this blue glow, a sort of fog, covering the ground. it looks real cool, and operates on the logic on anime scifi, but was most likely a conscious choice of the artists and designers working on the backgrounds, because it draws the eye along a vertical axis, so that you can quickly understand the size of these behemoths. Avoiding drawing the lights from the streetlamps was also deliberate, as they’d be distracting from the focus of each shot, Unit-01.

I’ll be following this principle for many of my backgrounds too, because it makes sense and it fits the style. that’s all the reason i need


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