my work

Unit-02 design revision 2

needed shading, more detail, and most importantly, some bulk.

People with whom i tend to talk about Evangelion will probably hear me use the term “Atlas-like physiques” when describing the Eva Units from the original TV anime. they had super skinny waists, extremely broad upper bodies, and massive shoulder pylons. by the time of the second Rebuild, the Units were all shaped from a base 3D model that unified their builds, and that model filled out their trunks, narrowed their shoulders, and reduced the size of the pylons.

I realized my design, while accurate to the model kit reference i used, wasn’t quite the same shape as the new Eva Units. i watched the first and second Rebuilds the other night and when looking at my old illustration, noticed that on the model kit, more corners than i had realized needed to be cut in order to make it as flexible as it is.

so, Unit-02 is no longer malnourished. i also imported the colors from lossless screencaps of Unit-02 in bright light from Rebuild 2.0.

still not sure if i’m going to feature any shots of inside the entry plug. i mean, someone’s obviously piloting Unit-02, either Asuka, Mari, or…Kaworu, i guess? Asuka most likely, since it’s been enough time after the Zeruel attack. Though, Kaworu does have really good aim with a spear…


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