my work

final boards

all scanned, processed, and finally finished. here’s a li’l preview of the storyboards for the final animatic.

Head over to the ‘Storyboards’ page to see the full thing ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

I’m pretty excited about this, honestly. it feels like a good visualization of my script. It took me a while to finish, but i think the increase in quality toward the second half of the boards was worth it. I also started using printed sheets of board frames instead of drawing them in a sketchbook, which helped them be more regular, but were larger, and took a little more time. It also made me want to ink some of the frames, which i did, but i had to hold back. In total, there are 92 frames, which i neglected to number on paper because of the changing media. The first 8 frames were done in Flash, 9-29 were done in one part of a sketchbook, 10-61 were done in another part, and 62-92 were done on copied storyboard sheets.

I should probably mention that no, Unit-02 is not a stout little chibi figure anymore. hasn’t been for some time, actually. i decided a week and a half ago that i would just use the full figure.

Things that got changed:

  • There are four total chasers. One is dead and bleeding, in the trap. The next slams into the wall. The last two successfully turn the corner and fly at Unit-02.
  • The Angel doesn’t cloak nearly as much. It decloaks to appear at the end of Unit-02’s escape route, but that’s the extent of it. The chasers can’t cloak either–that would be a little overpowered.
  • Unit-02 no longer bashes the Angel with its rifle, instead performing a shoulder tackle that is more sensible, as well as easier to see in the frame.
  • Unit-02 bayonet charges the Angel, but stabs it in the mask rather than the center of mass. This gave that feature of the Angel’s design a purpose–as a decoy sensory organ. When i finish the animatic, i may touch up those frames before to show the Angel having its core covered by the protective flaps, so that the mask seems like its true ‘face’ in the moment.
  • Only two chasers impact Unit-02 when it reaches for the spear.
  • When the second chaser gets sliced in half, the explosion straight up takes off Unit-02’s right arm above the elbow, instead of disabling its left arm. Losing part of the arm makes for a more dramatic shot when Unit-02 drops to one knee with the spear, holding its wounded arm close to the chest. It also highlights the damage when Unit-02 hoists the spear, forced to use what’s left of its arm as a counterbalance.
  • That explosion also flings Unit-02 toward the drop pod. This was a convenient way to combine the actions of Unit-02 getting blown up and Unit-02 having to move back to the pod, speeding up the sequence so that it can take place while the Angel is preparing to charge. If Unit-02 was able to get up and run back to the pod, it might undermine how much it just got f***ed-up.
  • The final sequence is a little simpler. After the Angel collides with Unit-02 and explodes, Unit-02 is seen at the edge of the crater, beyond messed up. Its remaining left arm is also broken, bent beyond a healthy angle. We slowly zoom in on its face, centering on the eye in order to catch the reflection of NERV VTOL aircraft approaching, before the eye goes dim. Then the screen fades to black and we see the status report text.

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