Evangelion art scans

turns out there are no decent-resolution images of the official Evangelion Unit artworks available on the net. even the image i added for the Character page (Unit-02, original configuration) is garbo quality, at 178 x 540. writing those numbers made me throw up in my mouth a little.

so i’m sitting there like, ‘gee, i sure wish i had better images of this stuff.’ and then i remembered i did, because i’m an entry-level weeb who bought a couple model kits, and they came with instruction manuals featuring full-page official artwork. now i’m scanning them for the sake of me and any other entry-level weebs out there who need those sweet, sweet references. i’m including unit-01 as well because it’s the most popular.

Full size Evangelion Unit-02 official artwork:unit-02-artworkFull size Evangelion Unit-01 official artwork: unit-01-artwork


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