References & Inspiration: Cucumber Quest


Ⓒ 2011-2016 gigi d.g.

This is a wonderful, adorable, hilarious, and also beautiful webcomic.

Its writing, in humor and plot, strongly remind me of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, one of my favorite GameCube games. And the art is really pleasing to look at, very nicely drawn and painted. Highly recommend.

Start here:

References & Inspiration: Little Witch Academia

I put off watching this for a while because I pre-judged it as being too cute. Then I got over my insecurity about gender roles and put it on.

Trigger does beautiful work, as always. Wonderfully fluid, a lot of fun, goofy, and adorable. Their animation work is what I would aspire to, in the timeline where I went into the anime industry.

References & Inspiration: Source Filmmaker videos

SFM is a tool published by Valve Software for 3D animation and moviemaking using their inhouse Source engine. For the last several years fans have been putting out tons of videos, dramatic, artistic, comedic, experimental, whatever.

One relatively common topic for animation made for web (3D or 2D) is for visually depicting funny moments of dialogue from podcasts, webisodes, or Let’s Plays–whenever multiple people are talking to each other but there’s no footage of them in person.

For example: the Best Friends, a group of Let’s Players who upload to YouTube, commentating while one of them is playing the game Dark Souls 3:

I love this stuff.

References & Inspiration: Samurai Jack (2017)

It’s coming back, and it’s got blood!

(that’s kind of important to me, because i feel that if any show deserved the freedom of a higher age rating, it was Samurai Jack. it was brutal and beautiful at times, which looks like what they’re focusing on in this final season. however, it was also campy and silly and hilarious at other times. i hope they still have funny moments.)